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5 Reps with... Ray Wieler

Ray Wieler is the founder and president of Children's Camp International. Since 2003, CCI has helped over 1 million kids to attend Christian camps around the world.

How did you get started with health and fitness? 

I knew I had to get serious about getting healthy after being hospitalized for 5 weeks because I was severely malnourished.  This was caused by an 8 month battle with an antibiotic resistant bacteria in my GI tract and that combined with my Crohn's Disease caused me to lose 30 pounds.  After my time in the hospital I began with a food diary to ensure I was getting the proper nutrients in my diet and through strategic supplementation have been able to address and correct my nutrient deficiencies.   I have since that time regained over 35 pounds and am healthier than I have been in the last 20 years.  It has truly been a transformation.

What does your exercise routine look like? How has it changed over the years? Weight lifting 5 days a week.  Exercise Bike 5 days a week.

How do you incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life?  I am in the somewhat unique situation because of a surgery 10 years ago where they removed 75% of my stomach so because of limited capacity.   So I need to deal with nutrient absorbption challenges. I am being very disciplined to ensure I eat nutrient and calorie dense foods.  I also need to take supplements, especially protein to ensure I am giving my body the fuel to build muscle.  I am also really focused on cutting down on sugar, eating enough servings of fruit and vegetables everyday.  Eat foods and take supplements to reduce inflammation in my body.

How do you balance stewarding your health with your real life commitments?  I have a tendency to focus too much on my work with the ministry and neglect the time to invest in my physical health.  I have come to realize that a healthy body helps me be much more focused and productive.

If you could make one unhealthy food healthy, what would it be? 


What is your favorite exercise? Least favorite?   

Favourite: Weightlifting.   Least: Treadmill. (I enjoy walking for exercise outdoors but find the treadmill tedious.  Listening to podcasts or talk shows does help) 

What is one simple tip you would give to someone looking to get started with stewarding their body better?

Put it on your schedule. Turn of the television and computer get off the couch.  The hardest thing to do is start.

How has eating well and exercising helped you better perform the tasks you are called to?

I feel much stronger, more focused and have noticeably more energy.



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