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Make Rivers Fit.


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Hi there!

My name's Cody (but if you have a child between 5-15 you may know me better as "Mr. Wieler".)

I wear many hats: husband, dad, personal trainer, author, podcaster and local PE teacher are the main ones.

Over the past decade, I've had the opportunity to reach people all around the globe with the simple message of reasonable fitness. I want to help people to break free from traditional fitness standards and embrace being strong for their tasks.

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As the PE teacher at RES, I aim to share my passion for fitness to the students that I teach. I'm now looking to take that passion out of the gym and into the community.

Through the Rivers Fit Podcast, I hope to share practical, enjoyable ways to take care of your body. I want to encourage every resident of Rivers and area to look at their health and try to move the needle (even if just a bit) in a positive direction.

I look forward to go on this journey together to make Rivers Fit.

- Cody Wieler

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