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Cody Wieler

Christian, Husband, Dad, Teacher,

Author, Coach

Hi! I'm Cody.

I eat gluten, dairy, red meat and vegetables (at some meals). I have reasonable workouts and think the child toss is the best exercise in the whole world.

I've spent years battling with food obsession, constantly getting on and off of diets, binging and restricting, all leading to death-defying workouts as a way to punish my lack of will power.

After years of struggling to obtain and maintain my dream body, I was struck by a life-changing realization: I don't need to be as big, strong and lean as the guys I was looking up to.

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Instead, I learned to pursue being strong for my tasks -  eating and exercising in a way that allows me to be ready for the tasks that God has prepared for me as a husband, dad, teacher, etc. I've learned to steward my body instead of trying to live up to someone else's standards.

I have 3 main goals through my website:

Encourage stewardship.

I believe that your body belongs to God (1 Cor. 6:19-20, ) and therefore you should take care of your body as a way to glorify God. Stewardship means being strong for your tasks; the good works that he has planned in advance for you to do (Eph. 2:10).

When you pursue stewardship, it's not about reaching some arbitrary level of fitness set out by social media influencers. You gain freedom from unattainable levels of fitness and begin to find a lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable.

Provide health and fitness information for the average person.

You don't need celebrity workouts or fancy diets. I'm not going to quote and reference a ton of scientific studies. No, I'm not a science-denier, but just because something worked in a small group of untrained 50 year-old men in a double-blind placebo study or proved effective in a group of rats does not mean it's the best course of action for you.

Instead, I want to give you practical tips that will work for most people. You need to know that not every post will be relevant to you, but also realize that you are probably far less unique than you think. There are principles of health that will bring most people most of the way that they want or need to get. I believe that you'll be able to find something that resonates with you and gives you what you need to start stewarding your body better.

Pursue holiness and purity.

Navigating most fitness has become an all-out assault on sexual purity. In your pursuit of information, you'll have no problem finding countless pictures of shirtless, muscly men and near-shirtless busty women. I'm sick of even fitness-minded Christians posting flaunting their bodies to the demise of their followers.


It can be difficult finding information that doesn't contain such images. I promise to provide high-quality information without the stumbling blocks present with most other fitness websites.

If you want to have a deeper dive into stewarding your body, check out my book, Strong for Your Tasks.

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