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"Be HOLY as I am HOLY."

Throughout the Bible, God tells His people to be set apart from the world - even in their eating.


Strong For Your Tasks explores how Christians can be holy (set apart) by how they view diet and exercise.


"As believers, we desire to be strong for the tasks the Lord has for us. However, many believers are unsure of how to view the physical body in light of the Bible, let alone how to pursue health and wellness from a biblical perspective. Therefore, we need to understand what the Bible says about the body and how stewarding our health directly influences our ability to live out God's calling on our lives.

Strong for Your Tasks fills the gap between health and holiness by inspiring readers to live well for the glory of God in the areas of health and wellness. By establishing a biblical foundation for understanding the physical body and appealing to the necessity of stewardship as it pertains to health, Cody reveals how we can honor God through our lifestyle choices. Strong for Your Tasks encourages believers to examine their motivations for health and wellness while pointing readers toward stewardship as the lens through which we should view caring well for our bodies. "






Dr. Alexandria Ford
Ed.D., A-CFHC, CPT, Cultivate Well


"My favourite book on health! I found it both refreshing and challenging. I highly recommend to all!"

 - J.I.

"I really enjoyed this book! A refreshing view on faith and health.

- J.W.

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