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5 Reps With... Cooper Mitchell [Garage Gym Reviews]

Cooper Mitchell, better known as "Coop" to his loyal followers, is the founder of Garage Gym Reviews, the number one YouTube Channel and website for gym equipment review.

Here is 5 Reps With Coop.

How did you get started with health and fitness?

My dad had a garage gym growing up. I remember going out there and seeing all of these monsters walking around while the air was chalk and Metallica filled. It seemed like Heaven. I played ice hockey and in order to get better on the ice, my dad suggested I train with them. So, I did and the rest, as they say, is history.

What does your exercise routine look like? How has it changed over the years?

Currently, I'm training with more of a focus on hypertrophy. I haven't done much bodybuilding type training, mostly Powerlifting and CrossFit in the past so it's been fun to train with lighter weight and more reps. That doesn't mean it's easy though. I will say I prefer lower reps and heavier weight. It feels more primal. More natural. And, the pain lasts for a shorter time than volume training.

How do you balance stewarding your health with your real life commitments?

My training is important to the rest of my life. It helps keep me sharp not only physically, but also mentally. It allows me to relieve stress, process conversations and relationships and reminds me of my mortality. I make sure that it gets done, but it doesn't overwhelm or take over my life. Having a home gym allows me to workout whenever I want, so I'm able to fit it in at my leisure. If you can't find 4 hours in your week that will drastically improve your present and future, you have serious problems.

What is your favorite exercise? Least favorite?

My favorite exercise is the squat. It's the most functional lift in the universe and has tremendous effects on your entire body.

My least favorite lift is the squat. It's very hard, mentally and physically taxing, and not the easiest to get right.

This is a lesson for life. The hard things are the best things. Don't shy away from difficulty.

How has eating well and exercising helped you better perform the tasks you are called to? I train to be useful. Training for aesthetics is fine, but it's also shallow and somewhat opposed to what your body is designed for. We're not designed just for show, but also for go, and if you neglect the go, you'll be hurting in the long run. I'm able to do everything I want to do. Run with my kids, carry them, throw them. Help my Wife with whatever she needs. Protect my family. Dominate my friends in sports. This comes from training and eating properly.



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