10 Simple Ways to Lose Fat

1. Eat slowly.

It takes your body around 20-minutes to know that it's satisfied. One can consume a lot of calories in 20-minutes. Try setting a timer and see how close to 20-minutes you can get with your meal. Don't take a second helping before the timer goes off.

2. Skip seconds.

Chances are whatever you took for your first serving is enough to satisfy you. You won't feel stuffed (which may be weird at first) but you should be satisfied with one serving.

3. Eat more lean protein.

Protein is great at increasing satiety (feeling of fullness). Try to incorporate at least 1-2 palm-sized servings at each meal.

4. Fill half your plate with veggies.

Veggies are very nutrient-dense and calorie-light. Aim for 1-2 fist-sized servings (minimum) at each meal.

5. Use a smaller plate.

You will make use of all the real estate available. By choosing a smaller plate you limit what you can take. This plus tip #2 is a great combo.

6. Start with half the serving size you normally would.

Instead of two potatoes, or two pieces of toast, start with one. If after 20-minutes you're still hungry, try another one.

7. Cut out liquid calories.

Most liquid calories don't offer much more than calories. By cutting out one Coke a day, you're saving over 50,000 calories in a year. At approximately 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, that's 14lbs you're saving!

8. Keep snacks smaller than your fist.

If you need a snack, make it small. If you feel ravenous between meals, try adding an extra serving of protein the meal before. Better yet...

9. Only eat complete meals.

A complete meal consists of a serving of protein, and a serving of vegetables as a starting point. This helps to avoid consuming low-quality, highly processed carbohydrates that will only leave you hungrier.

10. Have 2-3 activity snacks each day.

An activity snack is just like a regular snack - a little bit of activity between exercise sessions. This could be a walk, a couple of squats, a game with your kids, etc.


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